Mute City Dreemz, 2010

Mute City Dreemz, 2010

Video Artwork / Installation


The Paleolithic used the cave painting ceremonially to visualize the hunt – to either worship or call upon the Bison for its blessings to be used for food, tools, clothing, etc.

Today, we do not use these methods – I do not visualize a supermarket or retail department store through art in order to bring food, clothing, goods etc.

Our visions are of a different kind – a ‘better’ future world, dreams of a techno-future, collective aspirations for a phosphorescent urbanization, neon-nature, crystal castles…

MUTE CITY DREEMZ is a dream and a memory, where 16-bit Nintendo meets floating geometries in a slow, hazy vision of a future gone totally electric.


MUTE CITY DREEMZ debuted at the CELLULOID CAVE exhibition, Blindside Gallery Melbourne, Australia, from 17th – 20th of November, 2010.

Also shown as part of BYOB Utrecht, via Setup Media Lab Utrecht, Netherlands, 19th May, 2011.

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