Beat Projections, 2009

Beat Projections, 2009

Open-Air Audio-Visual Event

Beat Projections was a live audio-visual event curated and ran by myself and David Short.

We focused on the promotion of the RMIT Univeristy arts community, showcasing a night of live sound and audio-visual performances.

Utilising a large projection screen and surround sound system, the night featured a suite of local Melbourne artists including K&M, Rosalind Hall & Marco Cher-Gibard, Phil Samartzis & Marcia Jane, Tessa Ellief, Dinesh De Silva, Eugenia Lim, Automating, & Josh Bach.

Beat Projections was held at the riverside lawn amphitheatre, Footscray Community Arts Centre, in Melbourne, Australia, on the 22nd February, 2009. Funded by RMIT Union Arts.