Æon, 2016 – 2018

Æon, 2016 – 2018

Software Artwork / Live Performance


Æon presents an abstract interpretation of the so-called ‘orbital perspective’, the view from low-earth orbit and satellites such as the International Space Station. Like previous outer-space images of our planet such as Earthrise (1968), the Blue Marble (1972) and the Pale Blue Dot (1990), Æon considers recent images and 4K video produced aboard the ISS as belonging to the same lineage of images and historical discussion.

A contemplative movement through orbital perspective and polygonal space-time, Æon’s abstract crafts and geometries encircle and intersect with wireframe computational spherics, as body and shape locked in infinite, gravitational spin.

Adaptable across installation and performance, Æon has been presented in various versions at Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada, and Horse Bazaar, Melbourne, Australia.

Æon was produced with the support of Monash University from 2014-2016, and Banff Centre for the Arts during the Convergence Residency, of 2016,